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The Strings uit Stein nemen in 2017 en 2018 deel aan diverse buitenlandse activiteiten, onderstaand een overzicht:
Donderdag 22 juni t/m maandag 26 juni 2017
Concertreis Ensemble The Strings naar Graz (Oostenrijk) 
Woensdag 9 t/m zondag 13 mei  2018
Deelname aan het Eurofestival (Bruchsal Duitsland) door Ensemble The Strings
Zaterdag 22 december 2018
Concert Ensemble The Strings met MK Waldfeucht in Waldfeucht (Duitsland)
Aanvang: 20.00 uur

Info:   Annemie Hermans
 Gitaar en luitbouwer Dirk Janssen wil zijn ambacht graag meer bekendheid geven. Op zijn website staat o.a. een filmpje waarop te zien is hoe een gitaar wordt gebouwd. 
SHMF Mandolin Workshop - July 24th-30th 2017 Lübeck, Germany

Dear Mandolin friends !
This summer, from July 24th-30th, I am giving a workshop for mandolin players at the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival.
The workshop will be held at the festival’s headquarters in Lübeck, Germany. The idea is to create a huge mandolin orchestra (my dream is to get to 100 people!) which will perform in one of the festival’s most beautiful venues on July 30th.  The application is open to all levels of players, in three parallel (and flexible) programs:
1. Amateur individuals - mandolin, mandola and guitar players who will join to one big orchestra. This group will have daily rehearsals, both in sections and with the whole orchestra, lectures and masterclasses, and will of course perform in the final concert. Anyone at the level of playing in a mandolin orchestra (reading music) is welcome!
2. Mandolin Orchestras - I would like to encourage mandolin ensembles to attend together as a group. Besides being part of the big orchestra, we will encourage them to do one smaller concert in Lübeck in one of the workshop’s evenings, featuring their group.
3. Advanced players (and/or students), to whom we will give also individual lessons, and who will also have the opportunity to perform in the final concert in a smaller chamber group comprised of players from the advanced level or a solo with the orchestra. They will also take part in the big orchestra.
The festival offers quite a great deal - the classes are for free, accommodation and full board for the whole week will cost only 215 EUR per person.
I’ll be joined by two other teachers: Shaul Bustan and Steffen Trekel.
Information and application can be found here: workshop-avital 
(For German: The brochure is attached.
The deadline has been extended to May 1st.
Hope to see you this summer!
All the best,
Avi Avital